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Rori K. Pierce

Young Adult Novelist

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A high school wall flower. A toxic love. And an online friend who will give her the confidence to break free.

Bethany Rollins fell hard and fast for Trevor Wade. Yet as time went by, he evolved into a dangerous manipulator who encouraged her to ditch her friends and try drugs. Fearing she’s losing herself to his toxic influence, her goal as the Homecoming dance approaches is to break free from him before she loses herself completely. 

Bethany’s saving grace in the midst of this is a boy she’s never met. Knowing him only as Xion949, her online friendship with the mysterious stranger has given her the confidence she needs to make the rough choices to come. 

Now, Xion949 wants to meet in person and Bethany is terrified. He’s been her rock. Her sounding board through thick and thin. Will meeting in person strengthen their bond, or tear it apart? 

From Rori K. Pierce comes a Young Adult romance filled with gripping twists that will leave readers gasping. 

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Girl Crush (Coming soon!)

The boy Cori likes is actually a girl. Now what?


Cori Wright's entire world is falling apart. Forced to move right before her senior year, the only connection she has to her new school is a phone number and a name: Jesse Howell. Desperate to fit in with the crowd and seamlessly adjust to her new life, Cori clings to the hope Jesse's friendship offers. Then, she makes a shocking realization. Jesse isn’t who she thought she was.

Jesse Howell's unbearable home life has her counting down the days until she can pack her things and escape to a more accepting place. That is, until she meets Cori, the transfer student with a knack for breathing life into everything from old clothes to Jesse's hardened heart. For the first time in a long time, Jesse feels like she belongs somewhere. But there's a problem. While Jesse has finally found her peace, Cori's fear of societal rejection threatens to keep them apart.

With both their lives teetering on disaster, can they stick together in the face of adversity?

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Love at First Fright

The only thing scarier than a haunted house is falling in love.

If there's one thing Paige Calder loves about Halloween, it's fearlessly trekking through haunted houses and dragging her friends along with her. When an ad for a new haunted attraction claiming to be unlike any other shows up online, Paige knows she has to put Grim Manor to the test.

She gets way more than she bargained for when a scare actor named Nixon has her questioning where the theatrics end and reality begins. Is he just doing his job, or do they have a real connection amidst the staging of the haunted house?

With Halloween drawing near, Paige knows her time is short to discover the truth. Will she face her fears and find out or abandon her courage and surrender to the unknown?

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